The Battlefield Heroes Community Ban List (as the name suggests) is a ban list run by the community itself. The projects goal is to create a global ban list consisting of players that have been known to use cheats, or stat pad their accounts. Server admins can then choose to stream this global ban list to keep these type of players out of their servers if they so desire.

What makes this project different from GGC-Stream, and Punkbuster is that once an account has been added to the CBL ban list, all of the other heroes on the same account (past, present, and future) will be kicked.

The BFH-CBL website also operates as our reporting system where evidence against problematic players can be submitted for review. If you have evidence of someone cheating please report it to help with the fight against cheaters.

If you have any questions please visit the FAQ page, or sign up and ask your question in our forums.


New Stat-Padding Policy

We have a new policy regarding stat padding reports that is effective immediately. If you're banned and don't think the report meets the criteria in this policy, then please create a ban appeal.

For the latest version of the policy click here.

Posted on Sun Jun 22nd, 2014

We need your opinions!

To help form our new policy on stat padding bans, please visit this thread in our forums.

Posted on Mon Jun 16th, 2014


There has been a lot of downtime for the last couple of days, this is due to a number of problems that have arose. This will be sorted out by tomorrow and we'll be back to normal. Some explanations of the problems are below.

Firstly, the back-end streaming has switched providers. This was done yesterday and caused some downtime while I moved files over and set the new server up. Secondly, I've re-implemented the back-end streamer. This has caused loads of unexpected problems, I've been fixing them most of the day but it's still not stable. To stop the downtime continuing I will be switching back to the old implementation as soon as possible. The new implementation aims to improve performance and to reduce the amount of crashing - however right now it has had the opposite affect!

Sorry if this has affected the number of hackers in your servers but I assure you the streaming will be back to normal by tomorrow. -SD149

Posted on Sat Jun 7th, 2014

Maintenance on Streaming

I'm currently modifying how the streaming works quite drastically - the service will be intermittent for most of today.

Posted on Wed Jun 4th, 2014


Reports Reviewed 3705
Bans for Cheating 2779
Bans for Stat Padding 258
Streaming Servers 30